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Tribal Assistance Software (TAS)

TAS is centered on the individual client. Common information is gathered once on an individual and shared by all departments of an organization. When client information changes it only has to be updated once to be accessible by all departments using TAS. The specific client information for each department is collected in the specific module for that department.

Eaglesun has been providing database software for Tribal TANF programs for over two decades. We have developed a comprehensive program based on the needs and requirements of over 60 Tribal TANF programs. Our approach to software development for Tribal TANF allows us to take basic components of a program and tailor the software to meet the needs of each specific Tribal TANF program. By taking this approach, the cost for development of a TANF database system is greatly reduced.

Many Tribal TANF programs have required Tribal specific modifications to their version of the TAS software. Eaglesun has worked closely with each program to define modifications that meet their needs while maintaining compliance with all Federal TANF regulations. We have worked with Tribal TANF programs to define their requirements by collaborating with Management, Compliance, IT and front line or Caseworker staff. Eaglesun provides TANF consulting and educational services on basic and advanced federal reporting, corrective compliance, policy and TFAP development, case management, and staff development.

Eaglesun has been involved with Tribal TANF since our attendance of the first Welfare meeting for Tribal TANF in 1999. At that time, four existing clients requested the creation of TANF module to integrate into their TAS software. A design meeting was held with all four tribes to define the basic architecture of Tribal TANF software. Since that time, we have worked with many Tribes and ACF to maintain compliance with the Federal Regulation as pertains to Tribal TANF software. Tribes with our software system have filed thousands of accurate quarterly TANF Federal Reports while maintaining the security and privacy of their client’s information!